LaN Live Architecture Network

colorado Boulder | Denver | Mountains

FORWARDING distributed & diverse design education and practice…

FED by advancing technologies in digital design + physical production

LaN directs  //   global workshops on digital design + fabrication in architecture for academics & professional practice.

LaN  connects //   designers to fabrication resources internationally.  LaN translates industry expertise to a designer frame of mind.

LaN experiments //  to prove the value of building firms to invest in temporal project development teams for  project-specific aspects integrating academic minds & professional experience.

LaN  produces  //  via 3d parametric modeling, a design mindset in congruence with automated fabrication means (cnc milling / laser cutting / 3d printing). We find creative potential in limitations of time economy & materiality through data-driven form.

LaN mobilizes //  education.  LaN-FLIGHT is an en-route experience drawing a diverse group of design participants from afar for an intensive 8 days of exchanges with leading designers, practices, academic programs and fabrication facilities across 3 cities.

LaN approaches architectural development through interdisciplinary collaborations enabled by DIGITAL DESIGN + FABRICATION. LaN recognizes the power of digital fabrication, not merely a toolset of a high technical caliber, but as the driver of particular groupings of resources– an organization of human, economic and material assets– varying widely with project circumstances. LaN’s mode of operation is PARAMETRIC in nature and seeks to re-associate architecture with a flexible, collaborative & data-rich practice of DESIGN.


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